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Boss Life Coaching & Consulting was started with a mission to empower men and women to take action in becoming the best version of themselves in all aspects of life.  Happy, Healthy & Fulfilled.

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Whether you are looking to start a new career or a business, take control of your health or improve your relationship with your partner, we can help you.

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Coach diane cpc Life, health & wellness coach


I did not start this journey by choice, I was actually in your shoes years ago. I was sick, stressed and unhappy with some things in my life. I had spent years in corporate America trying to balance marriage, motherhood and my own businesses. Notice how I left one big part out- MYSELF. 

This didn’t come at a cheap price and I was diagnosed with MS in 2014. I knew right away that I was not going to succumb to an illness. I decided I was not only going to live with this evil incurable disease, but I was going to thrive and live the very best life ever.

Today, I am the healthiest and happiest I have ever been. I have put this disease to sleep and continue to take care of myself and help others like you along the way.

Throughout my personal experience and studies, I have learned that it is not only good food and healthy habits that help us be healthy, but more so our emotions and everything that is going on around us. That is why I have developed my business around helping you with everything and anything that affects your daily life. Whether you are trying to lose weight or be healthier; have more meaningful relationships or start your business; we are here for you.

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Coach Hector- MS.ent. Biz coach

Growing up I used to love playing basketball and coaching kids around my neighborhood about the game. I was known for being a great basketball player. At that time, I didn't have any mentors or coaches to help me fulfill my dream of going into the league. That is the reason that I am so passionate about coaching others to push through barriers and go live their dreams. Today, basketball is still a hobby, but I am now scoring in the business world. 

I have a passion for coaching and helping individuals find their true purpose in life. 

I have trained and coached hundreds of people over the last decade. I worked in corporate America for fortune 500 companies training, managing and creating training content. 

I specialize in business start ups, leadership training, call center agent development, executive coaching, sales and motivation coaching. If you need help with revamping your biz culture, navigating your path through the corporate world or start new business, I want to sit with you and help you.

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